Residential Design


When your home reflects who you are and tells your unique story, it transforms into a beautiful, happy, and healthy space that invites everyone.


Our one-of-a-kind discovery process guarantees a full understanding of who you are at the core, your personal style, and your aspirations. Whether it's one session for consultation or full custom design service, we apply our Wellbeing Design Principles to support your needs -beyond the basics- on every level: functional, physical, psychological and aesthetic.

Residential Interior Design

Custom Design | Design Consulting | Design Packages


Custom Design

Residential interior design

Our custom design process is a full design service; from space study, planning, and construction drawings, to products & finishes, kitchen & bath, and furniture & accessories. A mindful approach is applied through every step to assure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Residential interior design

Design Consulting

We will answer all your questions and provide you with practical advice to apply to improve the aesthetics, functions, and health of your home. This is an hourly-based service.


Design Packages

This is a focused approach with a pre-defined budget and perimeter that resonate best with your needs while staying true to the Wellbeing Design Principles. The fee depends on the size and typically starts at $250.

Here are our 4 Home Design Packages:

1. Inner Garden

Nature has a fundamental impact on our health and wellness. Plants purify the air from toxins, relax us, help us focus, and that’s just the beginning. 
Whether creating a living wall, a courtyard or integrating natural elements throughout your home, we help you choose and design the solution most suitable for your lifestyle, personal taste and budget using design and technology to create the right environment for plants to thrive.
And when plants don't have the right environment or space, we use different methods to bring the feel and benefit of nature into your home so you can reap the numerous advantage of the natural world despite the space limitations.

2. Healing Colours

Colour impacts our emotions and moods. While certain colours can help us de-stress, others will help us focus or be creative. We use colour not only to improve aesthetics but also for its abilities to impact the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. From creating a colour scheme for a room or entire home, choosing paint colours, to selecting background and furniture colours, this service helps you make notable changes and create the environment you need without a significant investment.

3. Barrier Free & Inclusive Design

We seamlessly integrate the latest barrier-free technology to  respond to mobility and sensory needs without compromising aesthetics. We take into consideration all aspects of your wellbeing and offer you design solutions that improve your quality of life.

4. Sustainable Living

Would you like to have a smaller environmental footprint and have a healthier home? We offer environmental sustainability and socio-economic sustainability solutions. Some of the areas in which we offer support include: green products and materials (construction and finishes), re-purposing, reusing, energy efficiency, and reducing waste.

"Thank you for the fantastic designs and being so great to work with!"