About Lucida


Investing in the wellbeing of people through mindful design.


Our design method, Wellbeing Design, is based on environmental psychology studies and holistic design principles. We understand how our environments influence us, then we use the most impactful elements and resources -including technology- to create ideal interior environments that are healthy and beautiful. We apply a multi-disciplinary practice that includes:

Biophilic Design | Colour Design | Universal Design | Sustainable Design


Our Social Mission

Wellbeing Design Social mission

We desire to help all members of our community to exist in healthy environments that contribute to their lives in a positive and meaningful way. Our support includes 15% discounts for registered charities and pro bono design services and funding campaigns' support of charities with affordable housing projects.

Some of the organisations we have supported recently:

The Founder

"The care and attention to our staff, understanding the vision and the outcome of her design work was outstanding.”



nora bouz has been leading and supporting interior design projects since 2005.

Her international design studies include: Rhodec International (UK), Rice University (Houston), The Holistic Design Institute (UK), and Mount Royal University, SAIT and Bow Valley College (Calgary).

Nature is the master teacher of beauty and harmony. This simple but profound insight was, for me, the culmination of a journey of self-exploration. As Edward Albee said, "sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly."

I've lived and travelled in Europe, the middle east, China, USA, and Canada, learning the history of these cultures and places: how people live, gather, connect; what is home, what works in design, and why. I explored these places and cultures through a designer's eyes and with the curiosity of a child. I studied design and art in the UK, Houston, and Calgary.

But then a curious thing happened. My physical journey became a journey of self-discovery. It became a search for true connection between being, and the world; a questioning of who we are, and the nature of meaning, and of purpose. As my understandings deepened, I delved more profoundly into an exploration of how my environment impacted my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, and who I am at the core needed to be reflected in my personal environment. I dove deeper into environmental psychology and holistic design, leading me to a fundamental shift in perspective on why we design, and how.

I've discovered in myself an endless passion for understanding life and improving the quality of living, on every level. When designing, I attempt to discover my client as a whole, keeping in mind how our surroundings impact how we feel, our moods, and even our physical and psychological health. And, that such factors need to be satisfied in the places where we live, work, play and heal. Design needs to be mindful, and not blindly follow trends: trends serve people; not the reverse.

My inspiration and teacher is nature and our interconnection with her wisdom. Nature holds all keys to a happy and healthy life.